Licence A

Obtain a Motorcycle Drivers License, We give you the skills you need to ride with confidence and pass driving test.

Intensive motorbike lessons that effectively prepare you for your license test.

During lessons, our first concern is for you or your child’s safety. So we ensure that we not only take all the necessary precautions when driving, but also that you’re actually prepared for driving on Rwanda’s road, as well as for the driving test.

Our lesson are proven to ensure you have all the tools necessary for a lifetime of excellent driving habits.

learner’s license is required to take the test.

What We Cover

  •  All the theory, including the various checks, rules, procedures, signals and markings.
  • Yard test – Tests the practical skills and ability of your riding, carried out at the test station. This will test how you control the motorcycle: turning, moving off, changing lanes, speed control 
  • Riding test – A practical test of your riding skill of riding in navigating Gauteng streets safely and legally. Both these tests are conducted within the testing centre, as opposed to a road test.
  • How We Make Sure you Pass
  • Low-pressure lesson environment.
  • Fully insured, well maintained vehicles used.
  • Test motorcycle and lesson motorcycle are the same.
  • Structured modular lessons.
  • We focus on both traffic preparation and test preparation.
  • Fully-accredited, experienced instructors